Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Free wi-fi, allday, everyday, everywhere, anywhere

That would be a nice thing to have...

French Canadians, you and your shenanigans, and your free wi-fi are a godsend. I'll be sure to put in a good word for you, when I become Supreme Rulers of the Universe.

Random linkage to stuff I found:

BROWNIES!! WHO DOESN'T WANT BROWNIES!? Diabetics, that's who, you insensitive piece of s-
Yes, it is microurl. Please trust me :(

I found a bunch of motorcycle-related stuff for beginners. I might get a sports bike in the distant future... I am kinda liking that Yamaha FZ6R, and that Suzuki SV650...If any wise bearded bike rider looks down on these articles, I do apologize beforehand.

"'A dollar for a Scholar' is the worst thing I have ever read" - ZZ Top [citation needed]

A flamboyant Canadian told me this is where he gets most of his clothes. I simply nodded and told him I'd take a look at the website.

Have a good day.