Saturday, December 18, 2010

Canadians are so nice.

Perhaps it is the American mentality of "oh they're our maple syrup drinking neighbors with hockey" that's within me, but Canadians are really nice. Everytime I bumped into some dude, they'd always apologize, chat a little bit with me, and offer me some Canadian Bacon. Okay, maybe that last part was a slight lie, but I'm really liking Toronto.

Nothing new has happened. Trying to adjust with Celsius, Canadian Dollars, and "Oh you're from America?"

No links, sorry. :(  Haven't been on the internet very lately...

Please stay safe, and have a good day.


  1. I've never made it to Toronto. I love Quebec.

  2. now that you're in canada, i have a question.. we take american currency basically everywhere in canada, but i walked across the border in Toronto, and the first store i went to in the U.S., the clerk laughed at me for trying to pay with canadian currency. why is this?

  3. Nothing but curious pleasures, as from thence Following!