Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Whalers vs. Godzilla


Catchy post title, no?

Now, I'm perfectly fine with Japanese whalers hunting down whales, in moderation. I mean, it IS a part of Japanese culture, I assume. It's like hunting down moose, or wolf. If it's done in moderation, and you are using the hunted game for its meat/skin, then yeah, that's fine. But, something is clearly wrong if you shoot a bear, highfive your buddy, and move on to the next bear. That's just a douche-tacular thing to do.

I'm also fine with protesters, but this is kinda ridiculous. The boat looks freaking cool, as if Batman just decided to lend the protesters a boat, but still... at what point does an animals life overtake a humans? Yeah, these whales are rare, and should probably be protected, but why do you want to crash your Batman-Godzilla ship into some dinky little whaler ship? You could be out there fighting The Joker, or something....

I complained enough....what do you guys think?

And let's end on a happy note:
Here's a link to a fellow blogger's paper flower tutorial (it looks simple, and awesome):

Have a good day.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I was wondering where my audiences hail from...

Yesterday was thanksgiving for us Americans, and as we feasted, Canadians were all "lol you guys are late," while people in Iceland were all "Let's go make some kinda constitution!"

Yes, I was imagining countries in a little cafeteria, talking about each other, in my mind.

With that said, I was curious as to where my readers are from in this world, so I took a look in the stats...

I do apoligize if your screen gets....fat.

Most of my audience comes from the United States. Sweden, you better pick up your pace, or Germany's gonna get more views. Slovenia, you may be a small country, but you are not forgotten. And thanks, India, for being the only country on Asia.

Also, Sweden, you should probably get your cousins, Finland, and Norway up in here....just sayin'.

Firefox is used by more than half of you....I'm so proud of you guys! I mean, I have nothing towards Safari users....but IE users....c'mon....

These world stats are quite cool for me, and also kinda useful. If I make a joke concerning Macs, it'll be popular for 92% of you guys. I should also try to celebrate Canada Day, make a Dutch post, etc. A little something for everyone.

Have a good day, ayez une bonne journée, ha en bra dag, guten tag, ....


Thursday, November 25, 2010

I doubt anyone's gonna read this

Or at least my American visitors.
We'll all be busy eating, watching football, and sleeping!!

I'm quite thankful.

I'll make a better post, I promise.

Have a good day!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Alright, now that I'm awake, let's go review HP7P1

I'll try not to spoil anything!


HP7P1, also known as Harry Potter 7 Part 1.
Man, that's a pretty cool acronym.

Short review:
The movie is 2 hours long, and kinda has some boring parts in the middle, but it does try to keep things exciting. You should probably see it. And since it IS in 2 parts, expect a cliffhanger!! Overall, it's good.

Slightly longer review:
If this is your very first or even second Harry Potter movie that you're gonna watch, and if you haven't read the books, you're gonna be confused as hell. So, go watch/read everything. The movie does a decent job following the book, it does skip a few parts, but it won't be that noticeable.

I definitely laughed kinda hard in a few places. Maybe it was cause I was with friends, or maybe because there was a herd of teenage girls dressed as witches in front of me, and I HAD to out-laugh them. Maybe. But, it's got a nice combo of humor and action. A little awkward in some places (was that dancing scene really necessary?)

The deaths of some of the more notable characters kinda got to me. I think I remember just 3. The non-humans who died....now that freaking got to me. Almost shed a tear near the end. ALMOST.

It was an alright movie. Not perfect, but it's pretty damn good. Go watch it.

And please don't throw your buttery popcorn behind you. He might be a scholar, or something.....and SOMEONE is going have to clean that up...

Have a good day.

Note to self: Never watch a movie at midnight

You will get tired.
I don't care if it's Harry Potter 7 part 1 or 2, or anything badass coming soon.

For the love of god, when part 2 comes out, you'll want to just chill for a second....just think...do you REALLY need to see it? I mean, if you already read the book...oh wait, you already arranged something with your friends?

You suck, scholar.

From, the brain of Scholar.

Have a good day/night :D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So, I go to Yahoo!, and this guy shows up


My god.

That moustache.

The guy in armor.
The prison bar background.

This is what Yahoo has to say about him:

U.S. wins battle over 'Merchant of Death.'

An ex-Soviet officer who sparked a fierce tug of war between Moscow and D.C. is suddenly whisked to the U.S.




You fools! His source of power comes from his 'stache! STRIPPING HIM DOES NOTHING!!

Okay, I'll be honest... I did not read that article, at all. I just saw that glorious imitation of Tom Selleck, and decided to make a post about it.

Let's post some random links:

Fancy food turned fancy. I like.


This dude mashes up metal songs and pop songs. Good idea/ bad idea? Hmmm?




I need a third link. Here's one:

Pictured: Link

Have a good day.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Some videos that YouTube reccomended me...

I'm digging YouTube's suggestions.
Not much to say.

Here's three of them:

Passengers being given a welcoming party:

A dude dancing to Tik Tok. He also makes funny trailers, and is pretty good with music.


Youtube, thanks for reccomending these to me. I'll be sure to write you a card, or something.

Have a good day!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I sometimes look at the sites that I bookmarked...

....and I wonder, "Why? Why would I bookmark such a thing?"
Some sites like Google, or Yahoo! or Facebook, yeah, sure, bookmarking them is okay.

But for sites like:

When am I ever going to use a site like that?
(The thing looks super awesome, though. I have no idea how to even think of playing such a majestic beast)

There are certain sites that if I visit a lot, I would bookmark, but I really have no reason to visit the Wikipedia article for a harp guitar. Maybe if I planned on getting one...

Speaking of random bookmarks, here are some of musical related things that I've randomly bookmarked, but never really had a reason to use:

Spanish guitar shenanigans.

Harp-guitar shenanigans.

Why would you do that!? I don't understand!

I don't even know what that is.

Have a good day.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Scholar, you suck with computers.

Another trojan got to me...

On the plus side, I got to live a few more days computer-less. It's quite exhilirating!!
On the bad side, I got to live a few more days computer-less. It is quite a pants-shitting experience.

Pictured: My pants. Not pictured: Certain Stuff

Might as well start off with a diary from Oct 24th, to the current day, for those wondering how I've been coping.

Sunday the 24th: Went to a Mumford and Sons concert with a group of friends at Seattle. They were pretty good, but goddamn, sometimes the teenagers behind me need to seriously shut up. Oh wait, that was me....my bad

Monday the 25th: To hell with school, I just came back from a concert. Skip it.

26,27, 28: School. Do work, learn, etc.

Friday the 29th: It's Friday!!! LETS PARTY

Saturday the 30th: Oh god, hangover. Let's not do anything...wait. I just got a party invite? OKAY, TO HELL WITH CONSEQUENCES!!! :D

Sunday the 31th: The room is spinning... ANOTHER party invite? Okay, I'm going. Ooooh, booze! Wait, no tomorrow's school....I might as well go trick or treating with a mask I found, that I used when I was 12. Got a decent load of candy. Also got some "Aren't you a little bit old?" But to hell with that, I get candy.

Monday the 1st: Come on, I dont wanna go to school. I just came back from Halloween shenanigans. Skip it

Tuesday the 2nd: "Hello there, Mr. Scholar. Here's your computer." Oh okay. Let me just eat this McRib first. Maybe I'll have another. Hell, let's eat 3 more. Yay! Computer time!!.....actually, no. After I got home from school, I went to a friends house, played some Left 4 Dead, went to a mall, ate said mcribs, went to a nearby Guitar Center, solicited, and finally went home. Never bothered to use my laptop at all.

I ate 5 of these on Tuesday. I was very hungry on Tuesday. I almost puked on Tuesday. I think it was a good Tuesday.

Wednesday the 3rd: "Mr. Scholar, it appears you have skipped the last two mondays. You are now assigned a detention."

Yeah, fuck you, too, school.

Thursday the 4th: Some random chick wants me, I can totally tell...... then I woke up. Nothing happened today.

Friday the 5th: You are reading this, unless you are in a different time zone.
Saturday the 6th: You are reading this, unless you are in a different time zone.

And, that's about it. Not being on the computer daily changed me, my fellow bloggers. I had to go.....outside and be social with people. It was kinda fun. I like fun. Thus, I'll be doing it more often.

Sorry to say, daily blogs will now longer happen. I kinda don't feel like doing it EVERY day, unless I'm really bored, or if no one wants to hang out.

May you have a glorious, trojan-free day.