Monday, February 21, 2011

brb, midterms

Thats the reason why I havent been posting recently. Studying and whatnot...

I'll try to make something better next time....

Have a good day, everyone

Friday, February 11, 2011

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

unless it was like.... "Potassium Cyanide"
Then it doesn't smell that great.

I like looking good.
Places to get clothes. Okay I guess. Some sites are a lil expensive or tacky (I'm looking at you, Yesstyle. You and your crappy fabric shrinking and dying on me.) But some are kinda cool.
I prefer this site more. I gotta get me some fashion, yo.

I hear chicks are into guitars and roses and chocolates and etc. If not.....will this blog post will get you nothing!
The meaning of rose colors!!
Guitar stuff!!
Black forest cake!!

And if you happen to be single...

Have a good day!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

400 followers : GET

I think all of you are strong, sweaty, spartan men

Thanks guys!

Honorable mentions go out to:

However your name is pronounced, you got #400. I tip my hat to you, toot-ooh-rain-do-toot.

Some interesting finds I found:
Lacking the funds to get photoshop? USE THIS INSTEAD.
Being used to PS, i'm not too fond of it. But its always fun, I guess. Its how I made the pic right up there!

As well as this one.....its a cat, btw
Wondering where that image came from? Wondering if there is a higher res pic? Try this site out! Tineye is a reverse search engine where you can find any modifications/other locations to an image!
Password infographic. Image is too big for me to post on here.
Speaking of passwords, how secure is yours? "Elephant" takes 61 days to crack, while "Australia" takes 8 years. The more you know!
I wish to teach this to everyone I encounter.

And now I leave you with this.

 Have a good day!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I freaking love posting random stuff I find on the internet.

3 word descriptions?
Dogfort is dogfort.
Art and stuff.
For Valentines Day.
I want this

Hells yes, 3 words, yo. While it may seem simple, it was actually really, really, really hard for me to do that. With descriptions, I have a lot to say. As for how I'm doing, I wish I could say the same....It's the weekend, and I'm on the internet. What more do you want?


Have a nice day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh, I forgot to tell you one more thing:

So, I enrolled into Google Adsense around October-ish.

And in the end of december, I got mail that looked like this:

(huge image is huge)

Along with this:
(also huge)

I know I shoulda posted it earlier, but whoops.

*certain places blurred for privacy

"Oh, do I blog? No sir, I don't" it's been a month...

Pictured: Me yeah, I guess I could say that school and social life and friends brought me away....I'm sorry.

Alright, as always lets post some random links!!
F yeah, art!
Better believe that house be floating!
Make an infographic all by yourself!! (Check topright corner for languages)
Learn anything and everything. Where else would I learn to play guitar, seduce a woman, lie effectively, make various knots, and run from the police?
"Falling in love costs you friends"
I want to buy a backpack here. It'll male me feel like a future robot motorcyclist, or something.

Now that I'm back, let us begin living life!!