Friday, November 26, 2010

I was wondering where my audiences hail from...

Yesterday was thanksgiving for us Americans, and as we feasted, Canadians were all "lol you guys are late," while people in Iceland were all "Let's go make some kinda constitution!"

Yes, I was imagining countries in a little cafeteria, talking about each other, in my mind.

With that said, I was curious as to where my readers are from in this world, so I took a look in the stats...

I do apoligize if your screen gets....fat.

Most of my audience comes from the United States. Sweden, you better pick up your pace, or Germany's gonna get more views. Slovenia, you may be a small country, but you are not forgotten. And thanks, India, for being the only country on Asia.

Also, Sweden, you should probably get your cousins, Finland, and Norway up in here....just sayin'.

Firefox is used by more than half of you....I'm so proud of you guys! I mean, I have nothing towards Safari users....but IE users....c'mon....

These world stats are quite cool for me, and also kinda useful. If I make a joke concerning Macs, it'll be popular for 92% of you guys. I should also try to celebrate Canada Day, make a Dutch post, etc. A little something for everyone.

Have a good day, ayez une bonne journée, ha en bra dag, guten tag, ....



  1. BC Canada here! and i don't wanna hear no trash talk about macs!

  2. damn my country didn't make it :(

  3. well im contributing to the usa portion of your viewers

  4. Yea, the IE users can kick rocks lol. US here Arizona to be precise.

  5. germany here ;P
    well I'm gonna overtake sweden haha! :D

  6. Hmmm, lots of Canadians visit your site as well as Americans. Makes sense. Also to the people who still use IE, please consider using another browser.

  7. I guess I'll boost the ratings for the germans a bit :P time to climb to the top again hurrhurrhurr...jk. I really enjoy your blog I hope my blog will someday be as good and popular as yours o.O