Friday, November 5, 2010

Scholar, you suck with computers.

Another trojan got to me...

On the plus side, I got to live a few more days computer-less. It's quite exhilirating!!
On the bad side, I got to live a few more days computer-less. It is quite a pants-shitting experience.

Pictured: My pants. Not pictured: Certain Stuff

Might as well start off with a diary from Oct 24th, to the current day, for those wondering how I've been coping.

Sunday the 24th: Went to a Mumford and Sons concert with a group of friends at Seattle. They were pretty good, but goddamn, sometimes the teenagers behind me need to seriously shut up. Oh wait, that was bad

Monday the 25th: To hell with school, I just came back from a concert. Skip it.

26,27, 28: School. Do work, learn, etc.

Friday the 29th: It's Friday!!! LETS PARTY

Saturday the 30th: Oh god, hangover. Let's not do anything...wait. I just got a party invite? OKAY, TO HELL WITH CONSEQUENCES!!! :D

Sunday the 31th: The room is spinning... ANOTHER party invite? Okay, I'm going. Ooooh, booze! Wait, no tomorrow's school....I might as well go trick or treating with a mask I found, that I used when I was 12. Got a decent load of candy. Also got some "Aren't you a little bit old?" But to hell with that, I get candy.

Monday the 1st: Come on, I dont wanna go to school. I just came back from Halloween shenanigans. Skip it

Tuesday the 2nd: "Hello there, Mr. Scholar. Here's your computer." Oh okay. Let me just eat this McRib first. Maybe I'll have another. Hell, let's eat 3 more. Yay! Computer time!!.....actually, no. After I got home from school, I went to a friends house, played some Left 4 Dead, went to a mall, ate said mcribs, went to a nearby Guitar Center, solicited, and finally went home. Never bothered to use my laptop at all.

I ate 5 of these on Tuesday. I was very hungry on Tuesday. I almost puked on Tuesday. I think it was a good Tuesday.

Wednesday the 3rd: "Mr. Scholar, it appears you have skipped the last two mondays. You are now assigned a detention."

Yeah, fuck you, too, school.

Thursday the 4th: Some random chick wants me, I can totally tell...... then I woke up. Nothing happened today.

Friday the 5th: You are reading this, unless you are in a different time zone.
Saturday the 6th: You are reading this, unless you are in a different time zone.

And, that's about it. Not being on the computer daily changed me, my fellow bloggers. I had to go.....outside and be social with people. It was kinda fun. I like fun. Thus, I'll be doing it more often.

Sorry to say, daily blogs will now longer happen. I kinda don't feel like doing it EVERY day, unless I'm really bored, or if no one wants to hang out.

May you have a glorious, trojan-free day.


  1. Yea, you are no longer allowed to own a computer! lol

  2. Whoa, wait, they still make McRibs???

  3. Yep, the McRib... check out my recent post on it.

  4. It's great to get some fresh air and meet new people. Perhaps install an antivirus next time?

    Keep us posted!

  5. being without a computer sucks.

  6. I've never heard of mcribs, it looks delicious though. Followed.

  7. that's quite not good to get trojans.

  8. that burger is making me hungry lol

  9. It sucks that I too am a computer addict.