Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Everyday I'm hustlin'

Pictured: A hustler

Well, scholar is trying to get a job. It'll be small time, pushing carts, then maybe retail...then maybe some corporal executive stuff....then the world.

Job apps are less stressful than college apps, and I kinda like them. Why, yes, I do consent to taking a drug test. Why, no, I have not committed any felonies in the past 10 years. And etc...

College apps want to know how I "discovered" myself. Or how I "overcame" fear. Those are seriously cauge questions, for sure. I discovered peanut butter, and overcame the fear of just Jelly Sandwiches....

Now, some places want you to know how you would handle a pissed off customer. Now that's good stuff. Your boss doesn't want to know about your fears, s/he wants that douchebag screaming about a new modem dead. And you happen to be right there! Now go and earn your 9 dollars an hour, peasant!

A little nerve wracking typing my social security number each time, though...

I've applied to 5 different companies, and only 2 colleges >_>
Yet to hear from any.

And you? Any interview tips you might have? College tips? Just general tips?

Have a good day!


  1. not tryin to spam or anything, but check out my new blog on workin from home, maybe it can help?

  2. "pictured: a hustler" lmao! soo funny

  3. i agree, i hate applying for college. i guess that's why i'm working and not in school.