Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Whalers vs. Godzilla


Catchy post title, no?

Now, I'm perfectly fine with Japanese whalers hunting down whales, in moderation. I mean, it IS a part of Japanese culture, I assume. It's like hunting down moose, or wolf. If it's done in moderation, and you are using the hunted game for its meat/skin, then yeah, that's fine. But, something is clearly wrong if you shoot a bear, highfive your buddy, and move on to the next bear. That's just a douche-tacular thing to do.

I'm also fine with protesters, but this is kinda ridiculous. The boat looks freaking cool, as if Batman just decided to lend the protesters a boat, but still... at what point does an animals life overtake a humans? Yeah, these whales are rare, and should probably be protected, but why do you want to crash your Batman-Godzilla ship into some dinky little whaler ship? You could be out there fighting The Joker, or something....

I complained enough....what do you guys think?

And let's end on a happy note:
Here's a link to a fellow blogger's paper flower tutorial (it looks simple, and awesome):

Have a good day.


  1. I honestly don't think you can complain enough actually :P

  2. Hunting down wolves? now that's something that would be interesting. Need more wolf population ASAP, down with the whales.

  3. Cool looking boat, too bad the sea shepherds aren't the people to handle it though