Monday, October 18, 2010

I like food.

I really like food.
This is how I show my joy:
Om nom nom nom nom.
~S. Dollar.

Beautiful haiku, if I do say so myself.

Random food linkage time!:

Recipes in 140 characters or less:

The only thing bad with this is that it really is confusing in some places. It took me a while to understand that "Mix c flr/1/3c brsug/t bkgpdr&SweetSpice/1/4t salt" actually stood for "Mix a cup of flour with with 1/3 cup of brown sugar....." okay, just kidding, I don't even what the hell a ""bkgpdr" is. But I'm sure there are people out there who twitter AND cook at the same time.

But seriously, that Carbonara and Unfried Chicken looks good.

The Best Bacon Recipes:

You would think that bacon by itself is great. Maybe some eggs, maybe some cereal. Well, I'd like to kindly inform you that you are oh so very, very wrong. You can out bacon on salad, you can put bacon on meatloaf, you can put bacon on bacon, etc, etc. Just view some of those food recipes, you uneducated bacon behemoth.

Speaking of bacon...
Tactical Bacon.

One of my favorite places to shop online, ThinkGeek, sells a plethora of geeky stuff. It's funny sometimes, it's helpful at other times, and it's downright geeky at all times. But this can right here... when the zombies come into town, and rations are running low, you can pull this beaut right here, and be heralded as the savior of your people! The pre-cooked bacon can last 10 years, until you open it. When you open it, you better start gorging on it, cause I'm pretty sure fridges are kinda rare during zombie apocalypses for some reason.

Look in the sidebar for that website, and you WILL find more bacon related stuff. You may lose money on that site, but it's worth it's weight in bacon. Yummy, fatty, delicious bacon.

And now, here's a chart:

How does a knork work? You can't cut AND stab at the same time!

Have a good day!


  1. Think geek does rule. I get a lot of their caffeinated stuff lol.

  2. I've always wondered what a fork and knife together would be...

    That was a beautiful haiku. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to go make 8 pounds of bacon.

  3. LOL!! be careful you might slice your hand while eating

  4. Nice haiku :) The twitter recipes seems like a stupid gimmick, but amusing nonetheless. And I always need Bacon recipes.

  5. HAven't had bacon since I moved away from home.

  6. haha I used to sit there and write these all day in class.

  7. lol splayd, a bachelor's dream

  8. Ahh, a fellow haiku-er, eh? We'll see who is the true HAIKU MASTER! Check mine out if you have time :D

  9. As Samantha Puckett says: "Bacon, always relevant".

  10. Just as I suspected...everyone commenting on the bacon. Bring on more bacon recipes!


  12. I've never heard of a knork or a spife, only the spork. Nice haiku, BTW :)

  13. Thinkgeek rocks, greatest things ever! Anything from there makes a wonderful present.

  14. Wow 10 year old bacon thats edible out of a can, this just made the zombie apocalypse a whole lot more bearable

  15. haha i like your chart the most, but the haiku was pretty killer