Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday night.

 And here I am, blogging away, instead of hanging out with friends, and getting wasted. I suppose it's alright though...I won't waste gas money driving my friends to places, wasting more money on booze, and doing unsafe things with animals and law enforcement. I'm just typing away wearing sweats, a blanket, and munching on some chips. Man, if I was playing World of Warcraft or something, I'd be a dictionary definition of a loser....

Slang . a misfit, esp. someone who has never or seldom been successful at a job, personal relationship, etc.
Eh, close enough. I meant more like a social outcast, but oh well. 
I don't regret saying "Nah man, I'm kinda busy. No boozing out tonight for me. Sorry."
Not at all.
And how are you doing?
Any cool plans in the near future? 


  1. Bro, I feel you. I'm just chillin with my roomate playing Turok...

  2. "dictionary definition of a loser" haha

    add me back. good blog.

  3. my license is suspended =( i can't do shit anyways.
    imma follow, i be a dictionary definition of misfit

  4. Well, at least you're heightening your use of the English language. You're going to get somewhere in life.

  5. Thats the way to spend a friday lol

  6. I hate people. This being alone environment works rather well for me.