Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's about the little things in life, ya'know.

Pictured: What I'm eating now. Not Pictured: Advertisement Money

Today would have been a bland day. Nothing tremendously bad happened, and nothing wonderfully good had happened. But, there were itty bitty little good things that happened throughout today. I woke up pretty early, and felt rested. A bunny scampered across the lawn.  For lunch, I ate a pretty awesome sandwich. And a beautiful looking woman smiled at me. I got me some kickass Klondike's. All random events, yes. But they made me smile and appreciate my life. But the best part of today was that I found a dollar on the ground. Maybe my post yesterday had something to do with this chain of happiness. (Damn, shoulda written about jet ski's, or dinosaurs, or something)

All in all, no matter what kinda day you had, try and enjoy the little things in life. Be glad that you have internet access and can read my ramblings. And I hope you're wearing clothes. It's quite comfy isn't it? Bam, just listed off the internet and clothes. Those are some awesome things to have.

Your day may be awesome, but it'd be even better if you try and make someone's day better by smiling at them, complimenting them, hugging them, or something. A small gesture can go far. Trust me. That one hot chick did....ahem.

I'd give you a highfive. I'd even give you a hug. Why? Cause it's all about making your day better!
Have a good day!

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