Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yeah, I'm popular in Sweden.

Popular in English Speaking Countries

Taking a look at my stats, I'm not surprised that the U.S has a majority of my views; it's where I'm from, it's, where most of my audience is from, it's where is from, etc. (Also, props to Canada. I like you.)

But, what is Sweden doing there?

Are tales of my adventures, cunning, and large genitals perhaps being a tale told to little school children in Sweden?!

The land of Metal, Attractive Women, and "No, sir, you're thinking of Finland, not Sweden"

After 10 minutes of research on Wikipedia, I've done some things that might appeal to Swedes, such as mentioning Amon Amarth, Yngwie Malmsteen, Hammerfall, Arch Enemy. All hailing from Sweden, and all very good metal music. Also, Roxette, and ABBA. They're damn good. And Swedish.

Wise Master Wikiepdia also told me 89% of Swedish people can speak English. Which is good, since I really don't remember typing in Swedish. I can also only hope that 89% doesn't view Americans negatively due to me....

Yes, I am slightly gay for Sweden.

This makes me happy, knowing that by throwing in random keywords, such as "Sonata Arctica" or "2011 German Election" I can get some foreign audience members. Ferrari.

And now I'm going to google translate, say something, and try not to offend any Swedish people:
Det är mycket häftiga.

Next week: I'll get the history of Argentina wrong, and try to get some Argentinian bloggers!

Har en bra dag, and have a good day!


  1. I have a lot of viewers from the Middle East on my blog!

    And all kinds of other countries I would least expect, even small ones I've never heard of!
    I also tried doing different things to attract viewers from certain countries, like adding different languages, but I think the best thing to do is to just keep your blog universal.

  2. Hah that's some cool stuff. Howd you get so many people to check out your blog??? I want to be popular in Sweden too!

  3. I lol'd on the image caption. So true. Following!

  4. Popular in NZ to :) following!

  5. A lot of the players on the Red Wings are from Sweden. Thanks Sweden <3

  6. Gotta love the Swedes!

    I'll keep following! follow me at

  7. Pretty clever! Gotta love Sweden!


  8. Thanks for Chocolate to Sweeds!! =] Grats on the blog success.

  9. Lol, love the post. My friend does the same thing

  10. Haha that was pretty funny.