Monday, March 14, 2011

Caffeine will fuel the World.

Rather than hastily choosing a bunch of links and going "lol random link, u guyz!", I thought I would choose the topic of caffeine, something that flows through my veins very happily, and go along with it.

Also, I have a chem. project relating to caffeine. This is more or less a informal, clumsily made version of that project.

The above article asks the question whether or not energy drinks are dangerous.

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Maybe.

While I do believe that if anything in life tastes good, it's probably bad for you. Moderation is key, and like the article says:

"Well, the truth is that while you can call a product RockStar, a more accurate name for some of their drinks might be Fat Roadie. Because while massive doses of energy drinks are obviously dangerous, adding even a single can a day of some of them to your liquid intake could cause more than 29 pounds of weight gain in a year!"

Drink Energy Drinks, and you can be like me!

 I don't really drink RockStar. I'm more of a Monster man, myself. But according to this other website:

It would take 55 and a half cans of Monster Energy to kill me. It would also take 55 and a half cans of Rockstar to kill me. On the other hand, since 7-Up contains no caffeine, I would not die by caffeine overdose. Sugar overdose, on the other hand....

"But Scholar! I drink coffee! Energy Drinks are for fat teenagers who think they're hardcore!!"

Well, then. I am most certainly not fat!


Yeah, coffee is good for you. And I mean homebrewed coffee, not your Triple Roasted Triple Sugar Peppermint Shot MegaDeth Caffeinica Starbucks brew. Again, I do emphasize: moderation is key. You don't need to cut back on anything, unless it is on a dangerous level.

You guys might have seen this poster flying around, but I'll post it anyway:

It's a poster of drinks in level of their amount of caffeine.

My essay kicked ass, I promise. This

Fun fact: While doing this project, various amounts of caffeine based products were consumed. Among them were:
Monster (I like it; been drinking it for a while)
Starbucks coffee (Meh. I'm from Seattle, guess I have to)
Redbull (A key ingredient in Jagerbombs. *cough*)
Water (Thanks you for that)

Needless to say, I got hyper, did some very loud stuff, crashed down, had a headache, and had a glorious nap.

Have a good day! I don't care what you drink, but drink it up!


  1. Don't really like coffee, I think the tastes sucks, and I'm so used to caffeine from coke that only black coffee works and that's due to the taste.


    oh and I think energy drinks taste vile...

  2. haha, I like the personal/experimental research you use to supplement the actual research

  3. If i dont have coffee, im buggered all day

  4. I used to drink energy drinks, one on the way to school, one on the way home, Until I noticed it was costing 6 bucks a day, started drinking coffee after that, nice on those cold mornings.

  5. interesting post

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  6. I use to drink energy drinks, but then I stopped after I got stomach aches.