Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Seattle Weather

First things first, I live in Seattle.
Go ahead, and make your grunge jokes, and Microsoft jokes, and etc, etc.

But one thing that just really pisses me off is the weather.  Today we get a bright-ass day with trees and birds all singing in tune. The children were frolicking through forests without fear of getting kidnapped by giant bugs. All the students were able to type at 1.5x their normal typing speed and gathered at the beach because they finished typing their report on Early Renaissance artists. And finally, little Timmy hugged his friend, Bob, and everyone laughed.

Yesterday, we had rainy-ass weather. The trees flew into the birds. The music they made was autotuned hiphop. Giant bugs were getting kidnapped by children. Students typed their Early Renaissance Artist report at 300x typing speed thanks to copy+pasting Wikipedia. Timmy hugged Bob........'s gravestone.

Tomorrow is probably our last sunny day for this year. I hear this winter is going to snowy as hell.



  1. about weather right now i have storm warning :) so weather sucks Bro !

  2. Lol @ grunge jokes. Grunge is actually pretty bad ass. Alice in Chains ftw.

  3. I live in Arkansas. Weather will be freezing cold one day and 100 degrees the next.

    It never gets to extreme though

  4. yeah man, i visit family up in seattle and the weather is always gloomy

  5. can never complain about the weather
    unless its interfering with plans too much

  6. Try living over here in england! I can sympathise

  7. I can sympathize with you as well. Vancouver's (BC) weather can be pretty dull most of the year. The summer was especially short I've found.