Sunday, September 19, 2010

The name behind Scholar Dollar.

 I almost forgot why I kinda named myself Scholar Dollar.
 Just in case I completly forget, this blog is here to remind me. And I guess tell anyone reading this.

Well, I've been called a scholar and a gentleman many times in my life. And I disagree with both terms. I think of myself as an unintelligent ruffian. But that doesn't roll off the tongue very well, so scholar it is! I mean, just look at it:

and many others.

And I wanted something that rhymes with scholar, but "holler" doesn't really sound too nice....(damn you, Gwen Stefani)

Dollar is okay, I guess. I could always use some more, and it's a decent currency.

Now, the question is, how did YOU get your username?


  1. I like photographs, and whenever I show someone a photograph it's from my past! Plus PFMP are pretty sweet initials. (Thanks again whoever pointed that out to me)

  2. Indie is from a general enjoyment of indie music, 0987 are all next to each other on the keyboard. :-)

  3. I'm kind of messy, especially when I'm arting. (It's a verb now, yes) It was really the only term that encompassed that dirty, messy, sometimes wholly unhealthy artistic nature.

  4. James is my name. So James it is. I'm clever.

  5. My name is David Davidson. I was named after my father who's name was also David Davidson as was his father's name.

    My son's name will also be David.

  6. Mine is my blog name, but there's an interesting story behind my real life nickname.